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An inclusive workplace
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How inclusive is your organization?

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An inclusive workplace
within reach

Inclusive organizations, where employees feel at home and safe, are more productive, more creative and more successful. But how do you accomplish that? NewBees INC. advises and supports organizations in this.

At NewBees INC. we know from experience that a safe and inclusive workplace does not happen by itself. This requires time and attention every day. That’s why NewBees INC. offers programs that bring daily inclusion to the attention of teams and managers, within existing work processes, so that it takes little time and has great impact.

NewBees INC.'s solutions

Experience inclusion with a deep-dive session

What does a safe and inclusive workplace mean to you? Which jokes are allowed or not? What can you do if someone crosses a border? Experience via Virtual Reality exclusion on the work floor.

Work on inclusion with our E-coach

NewBees INC.’s E-coach program uses short daily contact moments, no more than 5 or 10 minutes, to guide managers in inclusive leadership.

Check your job descriptions

Are you looking for new talent and would you like to attract more diverse talent? Then you need an inclusive job description.
NewBees INC. ensures that your job description appeals to a diverse target group.

Curious about how inclusive your organization is?

The scan is a self-assessment that gives you insight into how diverse and inclusive your organization is.

Our customers

3 Tips for getting Diversity & Inclusion higher on the agenda

Inclusive organizations are more successful. You know that, but why does your boss still not see it? Three known pitfalls and how to overcome them.

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Diversity is important to 76% of job seekers when considering a new position. (source: Glassdoor)

Teams with high levels of diversity and inclusion are 87% better at decision making.
(Source: Forbes)

Organizations with a lot of diversity outperform their peers by 36%. (Source: McKinsey)

More than 300 Hago Rail Services employees follow NewBees INC. workshops on interaction in the workplace.

Hago Rail Services (HRS) is a large cleaning company with more than 350 employees. Every day 22 cleaning teams clean the trains in the Netherlands …

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Hago Rail Services’ management team experiences exclusion in the workplace with virtual reality and reflects on inclusive leadership.

In order to structurally intertwine Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the corporate culture, it must be widely supported at all levels of the organization. And …

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Inclusion goes beyond attending a workshop, this requires inclusive leadership.

Inclusive organisations, where employees feel at home and safe, are more productive, more creative and more successful. But inclusion goes further than following a workshop, …

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