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Our story

We are NewBees INC., family of NewBees. NewBees is a social enterprise that has been committed to an inclusive Netherlands since 2016. NewBees organizes inclusive integration for municipalities, guides newcomers to jobs at local entrepreneurs and organisations, and advises and guides companies in deploying new talent. With that knowledge and experience, NewBees launched its new service: NewBees INC.

NewBees INC. helps employers in building a safe and inclusive workplace. We offer practical programs that take little time and have great impact. The NewBees experts build on the experience they gained within NewBees and at other employers who have shaped their D&I strategy together with us.

Our mission

NewBees INC. works towards an inclusive world, where everyone participates. That starts with an inclusive workplace, where there is room for everyone, for every talent.

Our vision

At NewBees INC. we know from experience that inclusion does not happen by itself. That requires time and attention every day and is a change process. Our vision is therefore that by creating more involvement and support for diversity and inclusion within all layers of the organization, we make more impact in the long term.
NewBees INC. is unique in the following areas:

    • We work on the basis of our own experience: the team of NewBees experts is very diverse and knows better than anyone which solutions do and do not work.
    • We believe that low threshold interactive programs, where people are daily encouraged to take steps towards more diversity and inclusion, create a behavioral change within the corporate culture
    • With us you get started right away. No lengthy workshops or complicate theory: NewBees INC. shares practical tips and tricks and gives practical assignments that take little time and can be implemented directly.
    • We use out-of-the-box tools such as virtual reality and escape rooms to help organizations and companies build an inclusive workplace.

Our team

Portret Valerie van Lanschot
Valerie van Lanschot
General Manager

Valerie is energetic, positive, and likes to connect. Her focus is to motivate employers and offer practical solutions for embedding DEI in the organization.

Portret Annemiek Dresen
Annemiek Dresen
Founder & Director

Annemiek founded NewBees because she believes that an inclusive society starts with working together. Social innovation and inclusion are its main drivers.

Julien Oomen

Julien has years of experience working with people from different backgrounds. He works as a trainer, program manager, Man’s Circle facilitator, as well as a musician.

Yordi Lassooy Tekle
Yordi Lassooy Tekle

Yordi is the co-founder of Culture in Harmony. She works as a consultant, trainer, intercultural mediator and social broker. At NewBees INC. Yordi accompanies workshops such as the deep-dive sessions.

Portret Sacha Bouma
Sacha Bouma
Sales & Acquisition

Sacha is enthusiastic and eager to learn. She likes to focus on a person’s future possibilities, helping them reach their full potential.

Gita Moehadjir

Gita is a communication trainer (actress), acting teacher (theatre), author (Gita is a communication trainer (actress), game teacher (theatre), author (teaching aids) and moderator (diversity/inclusion). Gita accompanies workshops such as the deep dive.

Rob Schipper
Rob Schipper

Rob helps us understand the story behind the numbers. With his holistic approach, he believes that connections with people are the basis for success.

Nadia Schoenzwytt

Nadia is a communications specialist with international business experience. She is happy to use her acquired skills and expertise to do work that matters.

Ashmita Krishna Sharma
Ashmita Krishna Sharma

Ashmita has great expertise in Diversity & Inclusion. She is a trained speaker, consultant, trainer and panelist with experience in both the corporate and public sectors.

Theo Oudelaar
Theo Oudelaar

Theo uses his many years of experience as a commercial director and as marketing and sales specialist to support NewBees in realizing their objectives and social mission.

Sales Manager with a passion for attracting new customers

Are you looking for a nice job in a dynamic environment? Do you get energy from bringing in new customers? And do you want to commit to a diverse and inclusive workplace for everyone?

Will you join us?

NewBees INC. is always looking for trainers and facilitators who also believe in inclusion. Together we make more possible!

Our customers

Our partners

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