An Inclusive Workplace Within Reach

For large and small companies within government or business

NewBees INC. is available for both public and private employers. So whether you work for a municipality, the government, a non-profit organisation, a cultural institution, a cleaning company, or a financial service provider, Newbees INC. makes the difference everywhere.


NewBees has extensive experience serving both local and national governments. Our collaborations in the field of civic integration and participation help us see and understand what is happening in many workplaces in the public domain. Newbees INC. helps government teams with a more inclusive workplace.


As an inclusive company, NewBees knows from its own experience how to create an inclusive workplace. That is exactly what our programs and workshops are based on. We deploy this expertise at companies and institutions, small and large. Because we focus on inclusive teams, we can apply our expertise everywhere, whether your team spans the entire company, or is just a department within a larger organization.

Cultural sector

NewBees INC. assists cultural organizations with putting the Code Diversity & Inclusion into practice.

With our accessible solutions, NewBees INC. helps cultural institutions to attract and retain more diverse talent. We also advise on an inclusive company policy and a safe workplace.

Our collaboration with WAT WE DOEN, Le Guess Who? and VHDG ensures that we know what is going on in the cultural sector.

Our customers

NewBees INC.'s solutions

Experience inclusion with a deep-dive session

What does a safe and inclusive workplace mean to you? Which jokes are allowed or not? What can you do if someone crosses a border? Experience via Virtual Reality exclusion on the work floor.

Work on inclusion with our E-coach

NewBees INC.’s E-coach program uses short daily contact moments, no more than 5 or 10 minutes, to guide managers in inclusive leadership.

Check your job descriptions

Are you looking for new talent and would you like to attract more diverse talent? Then you need an inclusive job description.
NewBees INC. ensures that your job description appeals to a diverse target group.
Team HRS Hoofddorp

"The e-coach program was good for our team's self-confidence. It is a confirmation that we are on the right track."

Team leader Hago Rail Services

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