More than 300 Hago Rail Services employees follow NewBees INC. workshops on interaction in the workplace.

Hago Rail Services (HRS) is a large cleaning company with more than 350 employees. Every day 22 cleaning teams clean the trains in the Netherlands .

As an organization where people from many different backgrounds work, Diversity and Inclusion are of paramount importance at Hago Rail Services (HRS). HRS believes in the power of differences and that every talent counts. For these reasons, the organization has a specific policy to ensure that HRS has a safe and inclusive workplace where everyone feels at home and can contribute.

Team HRS Hoofddorp

The Hago Champions program

The organization asked NewBees INC. to provide further support in this and to give the 22 teams of cleaners workshop on location about behavior at the workplace. The workshops are part of the Hago Champions program that NewBees INC. developed for HRS.

A good discussion about what I can do myself and what I expect of my colleagues

NewBees INC. experts facilitate at all HRS locations meetings where colleagues talk to each other about what they can do to be nice and pleasant colleagues and what their expectations are of each other. The focus of the workshop is on experiences and feelings of the participants. At the end of the meeting participants make an action list with concrete agreements about desired behavior within the team.

“We are the pillars of our society, we are very proud of that. This calls for appropriate appreciation,” says the team from Hoofddorp.

Inclusive organisations, where employees feel at home and safe, are more productive, more creative and more successful. NewBees INC. advises and supports organizations in this respect. More information about our practical solutions can be found here. You can also contact us directly for a chat without obligation.

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