Our practical solutions

New and practical solutions
for an inclusive workplace

Our services take little time and are in line with your organization’s work processes. No endless workshops that take up a lot of time, but practical solutions that can be applied directly in the workplace.

Experience inclusion with a deep-dive session

What does a safe and inclusive workplace mean to you? Which jokes are allowed or not? What can you do if someone crosses a border? Experience via Virtual Reality exclusion at the workplace.

Work on inclusion with our E-coach

The E-coach program of NewBees INC. uses short daily contact moments, that last no more than 5 or 10 minutes, to guide managers in inclusive leadership.

Check your job descriptions

Are you looking for new talent and would you like to attract more diverse talent? Then you need an inclusive job description. NewBees INC. ensures that your job description appeals to a diverse target group.

With NewBees INC's solutions:

  • Increase awareness about inclusive and safe workplaces in the organization;
  • Address and attract diverse talent;
  • Get concrete tools to retain talent.
Start small
Small steps, big change. Start with our accessible solutions and immediately make a difference within your organization.

Would you like to attract more diverse talent? Then take a look at our job description check. Do you first want to see how your organization is doing in terms of inclusion? Then the Newbees INC. Quick Scan is something for you.

Scientific and Practical

NewBees INC. combines scientific knowledge with our own experience as an inclusive employer. We offer solutions that take little time, are immediately applicable and have a real impact.
  • We use innovative tools like virtual reality;
  • Participants are provided with tools to work with inclusion on a daily basis;
  • We involve all layers of the organization, from director to team member. This creates support and responsibility throughout the entire organization.
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