Experience Inclusion with Virtual Reality

The NewBees INC. Deep-Dive

What does a safe and inclusive workplace mean to you? Dive into the deep end with your team. Look over the shoulder of someone who is experiencing exclusion in the workplace via Virtual Reality.

Look and experience

Through Virtual Reality you and your colleagues get an insight into what it is like to be excluded or intimidated in the workplace. How do you experience this? What would you do? And what is the role and responsibility of the bystander in this situation?

Talk to each other on an equal footing

Start a conversation with your colleagues based on this shared experience. How does this case translate to your organization? What areas of improvement do you see for yourself? And for your team?

De NewBees INC. experts zorgen ervoor dat inclusie en uitsluiting bespreekbaar worden, en iedereen zich gehoord en gezien voelt.

Get practical tools

Based on the group discussion, your team jointly formulates a list of actions for a safe and inclusive workplace. The NewBees INC. experts guide you in how to integrate this into your daily work. They introduce inclusive leadership skills and practical tools for support, such as the e-coaching program.


The Deep-Dive Session at a glance:

The NewBees INC. Deep Dive makes exclusion open for discussion, so that safety, diversity and inclusion within your organization is a priority.

  • Use of innovative tools such as VR goggles
  • You will gain valuable insights into Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Your team jointly draws up an action agenda with practical improvement points towards a safe and inclusive workplace
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • From 5 to 12 participants
  • Price on request
"It is confronting to see how recognizable the VR experience is for others. I did not expect that and that is precisely why the deep dive workshop is so important."

Theo Oudelaar, partner at BusinessBuilding
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