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Together Inclusive

The workshop for teams: Together Inclusive

For employers, NewBees INC. developed the workshop Together Inclusive to expand a sense of responsibility and safety amongst team members. Important themes such as ‘How do we deal with each other?’ and ‘What can and can’t?’ are discussed in an easy to understand and safe manner. This workshop suits teams¬† who work physically with each other, but also office personnel as well.¬†

Every day

NewBees experts invite participants to talk to each other about their work atmosphere, expectations and wishes for the workplace. Also, together they make concrete agreements about how they will harmoniously and inclusively work together. After the workshop the participants are motivated and feel responsible to contribute to a pleasant working environment and to keep each other in check.

Zelf-reflectie als middel
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Self-reflection as a Tool

Interactive assignments challenge participants to self-reflect on their own behavior and needs. We use inclusive and easy to understand language so all participants feel comfortable.

Concrete commitments

Participants make clear policies about appropriate behavior at the office and in corporate culture. This allows all colleagues to enjoy doing their jobs while there is a pleasant and safe atmosphere at work.

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NewBees INC. Experts

As an organization, NewBees INC practices inclusion everyday. Through our diverse teams we gained broad knowledge and experience beneficial to this workshop in its practical approach to ‘everyday diversity and inclusion.’

Also the workshop, Together Inclusive, is based on proven scientific research on Diversity and Inclusion and behavioral change management.

Together Inclusive Goals, at-a-glance:


  • Share personal experiences and challenges they face at work.
  • Use self-reflection as a catalyst to improve the work climate
  • Make agreements about how they want to get along with each other.
  • Gung-ho to create a pleasant workplace for everyone and ready to help each other honor their commitments.

For whom is the workshop Together Inclusive?

The workshop Together Inclusive works for every team type – from office workers to more practical and hangs-on professions. It is especially geared towards people who prefer practical and visual methods of learning.

To get an even beter idea of the possible results your team might achieve, read a short interview met Segur Gungar, Team leader at Vebego

NewBees INC.'s E-coach program. is really innovative and in my opinion unique. In this program, awareness of a safe and inclusive workplace is translated into a behavioral change within the organization.'

Kate Kirk, Program Lead Diversity & Inclusion, Leiden University
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