Check your Job Descriptions

NewBees experts check your job descriptions on DEI

Are you looking for new talent and would you like to appeal to more diverse talent?
Then you need an inclusive job description.

NewBees INC. ensures that your job description appeals to a diverse target group. Our experts, with a diverse background themselves, combine scientific research with their own experiences and provide concrete points for improvement for your job descriptions.

Job Description Check

  • NewBees experts check job descriptions
  • Concrete points for improvement
  • Advice for general improvement
  • Response within 2 working days
  • Price from € 49,-
When considering a job, 76% of job seekers consider diversity important. (Source: Glassdoor)
How do you put Diversity, Equity and Inclusion on the agenda?
Inclusive organizations are more successful. Why doesn’t your boss see that yet? Three well-known stumbling blocks and tips on how to tackle them.
Would you like to know how inclusive your organization is?
The scan is a self-assessment that gives you insight into how diverse and inclusive your organization is.
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