Hago Rail Services’ management team experiences exclusion in the workplace with virtual reality and reflects on inclusive leadership.

In order to structurally intertwine Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the corporate culture, it must be widely supported at all levels of the organization. And that starts with leaders: what managers say and do determines for 70% how inclusive the workplace is experienced by employees (UNSW Business School). It is therefore important to train and guide leaders.


During a Deep Dive Session, higher management, operational management and Human Resource of Hago Rail Services discussed about a safe and inclusive workplace for everyone in the organization. With Virtual Reality they experienced exclusion in the workplace themselves. The session gave the participants insight into their own behavior and where the organization could improve. Together they reflected on inclusive leadership and drew up an action agenda with things they would immediately do differently in the workplace.

“Which jokes are okay? It’s ok for you if we make a joke about you, but someone else may experience this differently.”

A safe and inclusive workplace where everyone feels at home

Hago Rail Services (HRS) is a large cleaning company with more than 350 employees. Their 22 cleaning teams clean the trains in the Netherlands every day. As an organization where people from many different backgrounds work, Diversity and Inclusion are of paramount importance at Hago Rail Services (HRS). HRS believes in the power of differences and that every talent counts. For these reasons, the organization implements a specific policy to ensure that HRS is a safe and inclusive workplace where everyone feels at home and can contribute.

Tailor-made program

The organization asked NewBees INC. to provide further support in this matter. The Deep Dive session is part of the Hago Champions program that NewBees INC. developed for HRS. NewBees INC. interactive Deep-Dive session enables employers to make everyone in their organization feel heard and recognized. At the end of the session participants make together an action agenda with points for improvement that is really supported by the organization. NewBees INC. provides advice on how the action agenda can be implemented in existing work processes and also offers e-coaching as support in this process.

Inclusive organisations, where employees feel safe and at home, are more productive, more creative and more successful. NewBees INC. advises and supports employers in creating a truly inclusive workplace. More information about our practical solutions can be found here. You can also contact us directly for a chat without obligation.

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